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Strikes like a Cobra
Rob Corcoran, PGA comes from 5 back to win 2012 Cobra/Puma New England Open

The 2012 Cobra/Puma New England Open lived up to its name, an open competition. Having a great sponsor with an up and coming product is also a great addition to the event. With a star packed field including several champions from this year’s events, the golf was exciting to watch. With the trophy on the line, and the course record in jeopardy, one competitor rose to the challenge and defeated the defending NEPGA Champion and overnight leader Ed Kirby, PGA.
Rob Corcoran, PGA began the week with a solid feeler round of E (72), but took the training wheels off to light up the course for a blistering -7 (65) and take the new course record and the field by storm. Corcoran started out strong, with 2 birdies in the first 4 holes. He eagled the par 5 (10th), and followed that up with a birdie on the par 3 (11th). With the addition of 2 more birdies on 13 and 18 he finished the day as the owner of a new course record, and a 2012 Cobra/Puma New England Open Championship Trophy.
Corcoran overtook the overnight leader and defending NEPGA Champion Ed Kirby, PGA, and fended off young up and comers Rich Berberian (the defending Vermont Open Champion) and Andrew Giuliani (mini tour veteran). Kirby had the lead for most of the day, but after finishing with a bogey on 16 and a disappointing par on the par 5 (18th), the tournament slipped away. Kirby finished just one stroke back at -6 (138).
The New England PGA and the New England Open would not be possible without the help of our sponsor Cobra/Puma. With an outstanding presence in our section, including sponsorship of next week’s NEPGA Assistants Championship, Cobra/Puma has been a dedicated sponsor of our section. Thank you to Clem Lamarre and John Sullivan for their support of the New England Open. The New England PGA schedule continues on Monday, September 17th with the final Ahead Stroke Play event of the year at Plymouth Country Club.

The Consistent Swing instructional team is lead by Master Instruction Rob Corcoran. In 2006, Rob became a PGA Class A member professional. Playing competitively in 14 different countries and maintaining a world ranking for more than five years, Rob has attained significant experience in the game of Golf. He has successfully made cuts on nearly every major professional tour in the world. Playing alongside some of the best players in the world, Rob has not only studied, but tested proper technique under pressure situations. As a result of these experiences, Rob has a wealth of knowledge that he now shares with his students. Rob has extensively studied every aspect of the game, gaining valuable knowledge about how exercise, mental preparation, and nutritional training, when coupled with proper swing mechanics, bring out the best in every golfer. The Consistent Swing team is comprised of experts in the game of golf instruction. Each instructor has been hand selected to teach cause and effect in their specific area of expertise. Diagnosing the students’ golf swing by watching the ball flight, analyzing the effect, and then working backwards to establish the cause to determine the most concise way to make the change are the hallmarks of our team. This scientific approach to teaching makes learning that much easier, and is taken to the next level through the use of Trackman. Combining this experience with the best available golf science creates the best opportunity for substantial growth. Teaching is a results driven business in which only the most skilled and trained eyes perceive faults and flaws in ones techniques. Rob has perfected the ability to communicate and maximize his students potential. "Geometric momentum through impact" There are many ways to swing the club back and many great players have proved that length of backswing is not a steadfast rule

    3 FACTORS:

Angle of Clubhead Attack
Clubface Angle to Target Line.
Path of Clubhead.

When these three factor are geometrically line up the ball is propelled straight at the target. The best players in the world do this more consistently that most golfers. Come see what kind of golfer you can become. Come learn your consistent swing.

Rob Corcoran
Hamptons, NY / Viera, FL


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